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Providing children, youth, and adults with the tools to cope with life's challenges

How We Help


Increase Academic & Social Skills


Manage Big Emotions


Decrease Anxiety & Worry

Are you...

Anxious about your child's upcoming medical procedure?

Worried your loved one needs a place where they can just be themselves?

Looking for ways to help your teen cope with a recent death in the family?

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About Red Oaks Coping

     Just a normal day in 2019. Jenn was working at the local children's hospital in her role as a Child Life Specialist. Steph and her daughter had been admitted to the peds unit. Jenn entered the room, greeting the two, and proceeded with preparing the 4-year-old for her IV.  Jenn pulls out the stuffed bear and medical equipment and teaches about what will happen, the role of an IV, and what kinds of fun games they get to play on the iPad during the procedure. The procedure goes perfectly! A year later, Jenn answers a ad for a parent needing a respite working for her Autistic son. Steph opens the door. Our 1 hour interview turned into a 3 hour chat and the discovery that we both have similar passions about children who struggle. 

     Working separately in the Acadiana area, we both began by serving populations we felt were not fully benefitting because of a gap in community services. Red Oaks Treehouse provided schooling and mentoring services and Child Life Force provided one on one child life services and medical play clinics. We soon transitioned to running events together but through our own separate businesses. Two years later we decided we could make the most difference by joining together. And one summer day in 2022 in Jenn's dining room, Red Oaks Coping came to life.  

      Since then we have realized that two passionate hearts are better than one. We look forward to expanding our groups and services over the next few years. 


Our Services

Academics, Groups & Mentoring

Red Oaks Coping wants to nurture the seed of social learning in a non-threatening environment. We believe cultivating that seed will yield a crop of lifelong social skills and the necessary feeling of belonging.

Child Life Services

Child Life Specialists help children feel less alone, less scared, and more empowered.

They have a background mixed in development, psychology, medicine. and social science
We help kids cope with hospitalization, illness, trauma, loss, and bereavement.

Child & Adolescent Counseling

Red Oaks Coping utilizes a combination of trauma-informed, cognitive behavioral, and play-based interventions to create the most individual and effective approach to progress and healing. 

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What Our Clients Say


"Coleman had his annual cardiology appointment yesterday. He's done fine in the past but last year, he was extremely stressed and uncooperative during the EKG and other tests. His anxiety was through the roof so he fought any attempt to comfort him and kept trying to elope.

Jennifer scheduled a time to meet with Coleman and address his specific fears. She had various medical related toys for him to pretend play and manipulate at the beginning of the session. He was also given a social story explaining the test in a way he could understand. They then practiced the EKG on a doll so he could see what would happen. She sent us home with a toolkit and tons of ideas of how to make the appointment as stress free as possible. Needless to say, Coleman rocked the appointment! He was so brave and patient throughout all of the tests...Jennifer was such a blessing, and I recommend her services to everyone!

Jada, Coleman's mother

My son has significant anxiety and is on the Autism spectrum, he has his struggles, but is a beautiful light to our lives. Jenn has been exponentially helpful to him on several occasions. She meets his where he is, makes him feel comfortable and has contagious compassion. Her knowledge is vast and her kindness is life changing. Whether with a sleep study, an orthodontist appointment, anything in between or for helping my son gain valuable self calming skills, Jenn has been such a huge help. For me as a parent, she has lifted a burden of stress off of my shoulders as well. Having her on our side is an extremely special part of our “village” and I am forever grateful. I recommend her every chance I get, you will lose nothing and gain everything by having her on your side.

Emily, Seth's mother

"My daughter and I met Mrs. Jenn when we were admitted into OLOL Women's & Children's Hospital for a bug bite. My daughter was 4 years old and needed an IV to start her medication. Mrs. Jenn walked into the room with a stuffed bear and IV supplies and walked my daughter through the entire process using the stuffed bear. My daughter was part of the process and because she knew what would happen and why, the IV didn't bother at all. She didn't shed 1 tear when it was time to get her IV started.

We forget that the unknown breeds fear. If we pause for education, we will always see a decrease in traumatic experiences.

Mrs. Jenn taught my daughter and myself so much that day. My now 6 year old daughter ASKS for an IV sometimes. Mrs. Jenn is amazing at what she does, thank you!!!

Stephanie, mother of 4 year old

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